Business Gift Certificates

Lodging Gift Certificates are a Great Business Gift


Windsor Mansion Inn Gift Certifiicate

Recognize Performance
Keep Gift Cards on hand as rewards for employees who go above and beyond in their job performance.

Value Loyalty
Reward a key client, supplier or employee’s work with the attention they deserve with a weekend getaway to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

Motivate Success
Reward work anniversaries with the attention they deserve with a Weekend Getaway to relax, rejuvenate and recharge.

Boost Spirits
Boost individual and company morale thru individual gifts or contests to motivate employees and show them you care.

Lead and Inspire
Leaders make the effort to motivate and show they care. Inspire your employees to take a much deserved break

Substantial Savings

Depending upon the type of Gift product purchased you save between 20% and 30% off our best available lodging rates with no use restrictions.

EZ Ordering/Delivery
Email us with your order and they can be instantly emailed, shipped or delivered via White Glove Service:



Gifts to Customers: A Great ROI

“Gift-giving can strengthen relationships that small businesses cultivate with their clients and customers —something that helps the business set itself apart from competitors.”
–Sacramento Business Journal

“Gifts keep you on the top of clients’ minds all year and some studies show an ROI of 300% to 400% and a 2 to 1 preference over companies that don’t give gifts.”
–John Hall, Contributor, Forbes

“After the economic crash, we are now in the “Relationship Era.” One of the best ways to form or strengthen a relationship with your customer is through unique gift giving.”
—Marketing & Branding Consultant at Neeti Brand Accelerator

Gifts to Employees–Best Motivator:
“Cash doesn’t do it anymore—cash rewards have the lowest impact and do little or nothing to improve employee overall satisfaction and performance. Well thought out (non-financial) rewards have a greater and longer-lasting effect on employee engagement.”
—FORBES/McKinsey & Company

Give an Experience
Broaden your employees horizon and give them something to look forward to by giving them a paid getaway. The anticipation extends the impact of the gift and the memory will build loyalty 100 fold beyond the time spent away for a night or two. The gift of a weekend getaway says you care about them on the job and their life and family off hours.

Engage not just the employee but also their support network: the spouse. Who is the employee most likely to talk to about their job? Their partner in life. The great thing about gifts that involve the spouse is they can be tailored to what matters to the employee and also sent to their home to their spouse/partner by name to let them know the most important person in their life is doing a great job.